3 Ways To Treat Cavity In Kids


There is a misconception that the cavity in the baby teeth which are going to fall out in the future does not need any treatment as the teeth are eventually going to break. But in reality, this is not true because baby teeth that have harmful bacteria in the cavity may become a cause of painful infection and may even impact the child’s permanent teeth. You must learn how to treat cavities in kids once they have developed in their teeth to avoid any serious damage. 


There are numerous ways to treat cavities in baby teeth. However, the type of treatment your kid needs depends upon how serious the situation of the cavity is. If your kid is also suffering from a similar situation then keep reading to find out the best ways to get rid of cavities.  


  1. Dental Fillings

Mostly, the cavities in the kids can be better treated with the help of a dental filling. Dental filling may treat cavities in all kinds of teeth be it baby teeth or adult teeth. If you ever have experienced the procedure of dental filling then it might be easy for you to guide your children about the procedure. Usually during dental fillings, the area of the teeth is made numb to remove the tooth decay. Then the dentist fills the hole that is left behind by the decay. The hole is filled with tooth-colored composite resin. It is always better to take immediate action once you detect any cavity in the child’s teeth as proactive measures are always better. You can seek preventative dental care reno nv, if you are a resident of any near Reno or nearby in Nevada. 

  1. Dental Crown

In case the teeth have been damaged more and the cavity has spread deep in the tooth the procedure of dental filling alone won’t work and you would need a better treatment to save the baby or more importantly the permanent teeth. The best method is to go with a dental crown which covers the tooth entirely. 


Therefore, to prepare a kid’s tooth for a crown, the dentist makes sure to numb the area and then removes the tooth decay, similar to the process of prepping for a filling. Moreover, the dentist might need to shape the tooth to best fit the crown. This way they can place and secure a crown that matches the shape of the original tooth.  


  1. Tooth Extraction

Dentist lawyers make sure that they do the best thing possible to save teeth. However, in certain extreme cases, the tooth starts to decay due to which the only option left is the extraction of teeth. This is more of a last resort in cases of baby teeth as the loss of baby teeth before the stipulated time can result in problems with speech, and chewing and growth of permanent teeth. The process of extraction can be done at child dental care anchorage ak with the help of professionals in Anchorage who use anesthesia to make the process of extraction easy.